Every man in Provincetown is handsome. Every man in Provincetown is holding another mans hand. I’m quite possibly the only straight person in Provincetown. I mean that in the most lovely way. Its a funny thing to go through culture shock in such a familiar country, but thats exactly what happened. So glad I went. Such a scene to experience.


The Cape


One of the top summer vacation spots, Cape Cod is known for cedar shingled homes, long beaches, and lobster rolls. Spotted with sleepy towns, most tourists either flock to Hyannis for shopping and dining, to Orleans for the surf, or to Provincetown for the colourful Queer scene. I stayed with a local kayak guide/ jewellery maker and got to explore the coast on foot and by boat. He’s one of the rare ones that lives on the cape year round. We drank good beer, we talked life, we talked travel, we talked food. I slept on his couch, swung in his indoor hammock, and soaked up outdoor showers in the dark. He taught me about scapes (pictured above) and introduced to me Quahogs, a clam shell stuffed with clam, spiced pork and breadcrumbs. Especially delicious when the clams are dug up fresh, as his were.