Walking in to the Wild.

Walking in to the Wild.

Sometimes I end up in surprising spaces. Often its because I don’t really do my research, but never have I been let down. I saw a poster for a festival nearby, and I suppose I was attracted to it because it had the words “wild goose” in it, and I must have been weak with a bout of homesickness. It had some keywords that resonated deeply with me and pulled me in with golden sentences like this: “We invite you to join us. We welcome you to talk, listen, eat and camp together with us as equals, captivated and challenged by the call of radical humanity, and who seek to celebrate diversity and promote the common good”. So without looking into it much more I signed up to volunteer so I could get in for a price that fit my budget. What followed was 4 days of exploring a community that I had no idea existed. This is a community of people deeply rooted in their faith but deeply committed to doing right in the world. The crowd was predominantly christian, but with a scattering of athiests, agnostics, buddists, muslims, and a whole host of other backgrounds I’m sure. This was a world of hippies and hipsters, rainbow flags and full sleeve tattoos. It was a world of people that had beers n’ hymns, moonshine mass, permaculture gardens in the church, and talks on building community and ending racism. A breed that prayed through art and meditation, invited conversation, and had dance parties in the forest. Not once was I handed a bible. Not once was I preached at. Not once did anyone try to sway my beliefs. This was a place where diversity was truly celebrated, and peace was on everyones mind. It was a fascinating scene to witness. Such a stark difference to what I once thought religion was about.



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