Start a conversation.

Start a conversation. Ask someone to watch your stuff when you go to the bathroom. Ask to borrow a can opener or matches. Ask directions. Ask opinions. Opening up a conversation opens up doors, opportunities, and invites. Sometimes those invites are for coffee or a beer. Other times they are for dinner and wine with close friends deep in the woods, in a barn that has been converted into a home. A home that has no need for an address, escapes city water, and instead makes good use of the creek out back. Sometimes dinner leads to an impromptu jam session in an underground recording studio in a converted water tank. Sometimes jam sessions lead to overnight camping and climbing trips where you sleep under the stars, jump into rivers, roast homegrown tomatillos on an open fire and drink wiskey straight out of the bottle. Sometimes these trips lead to lifelong open invitations to visit whenever an escape is needed. So start conversations, because people live interesting lives and many are open to sharing.


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