What a good sport.

I’d like to talk a bit about my mom here. My mom who shares the same face, eyes, smile, laugh, burp, sneeze, snort, who undoubtably could easily be mistaken for my sister. I’ve heard it before from family and friends, but it’s much more striking when it comes from complete strangers. My mom is such a good sport. My mom agreed to be my sidekick for my last 10 days of this adventure. Not some half hearted sidekick, but a “lets get lost”, “lets just see where we end up”, “lets stop for a beer”, “lets drink more wine”, “lets scale a mountain…then another one tomorrow”, “sure I’ll sleep in a hut”, “sure I’ll help you build a tent around your bed” kind of companion. For the last two months I have been looting for stranger’s stories, and now, how refreshing to hear stories from someone so close. Stories that I can’t believe I haven’t heard before.


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